Welcome to RifleNOW.org, Your online portal to Rifle, Colorado

  1. Here at RifleNOW we believe in a strong, interwoven community.

    • One where citizens know about upcoming events, and are involved in the area's diverse cultural, artistic and recreational opportunities.

    • One where people of all ages have opportunities to stay active & healthy, caring about themselves & their environment.

    • One where local community leaders are within your reach & approachable, and interact one-on-one with citizens.

    • One where important information is easily within the citizens reach, and the media is about the local community & people. 

    • One where all social groups are welcomed and supported by embracing diversity through traditions, heritage, values & ideals.

    • And most of all, one where citizens take accountability to be deeply involved in their community.  Volunteering their time, sharing ideas, staying informed on important local topics, and helping keep the community safe & flourishing.

    So, that's what we believe in at RifleNOW, and we'd like to think that's what the Rifle Community is about too.

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