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RCTV Bulletin Board Submission


  1. 1. Instructions
  2. 2. Submission
  • Instructions

    1. Requirements for all Submissions

      All Submissions must consist of information that is of general interest to Rifle’s Residents, is of a non-commercial nature, and follow all other RCTV guidelines (See Here).

    2. How to submit a Public Service Announcement (PSA) with RCTV

      PSAs can be submitted to RCTV in 1 of 2 ways, as “Basic Information” (RCTV will assemble a basic slide for you) or as a “Pre-assembled Slide” (This allows you to set the layout and look, and add your own images). Please read the following requirements!

    3. Information Formating

      Simpler is better! You want the viewer to quickly & easily understand what it is that you are trying to communicate, as it will only be displayed for 15 seconds on average. Include information like: event name, time & date, location, deadlines, cost, how to get more info, and any other important details. (See examples below.)

    4. Additional requirements for “Pre-assembled Slides”

      Slides should be orientated in a Landscape layout. Text should be in 4 to 10 lines of information using a large & easily readable font. Images, graphics and backgrounds should enhance the viewers ability to quickly understand what is being presented and not make it harder to read.

    5. Once accepted

      Accepted PSAs will be viewable for 2-4 weeks before the event date on Rifle Community TV's Channel (Comcast channel 10 in Rifle), and on on the homepage and under the Rifle Community TV page.

    6. "Basic Information" examples (RCTV assembled)

    7. Heritage Center PSA

    8. Notices PSA

    9. "Pre-assembled Slide" examples (User assembled)

    10. Animal Shelter PSA

    11. GarCo Fair PSA

    12. Community PSA

    13. Senior Center PSA